Samnaun in the Engadine region

In the centre of Europe and on the edge of Switzerland

One valley - one community

The Samnaun valley is the first, western side valley of the Engadine region and the border valley to Tyrol, embedded in a wonderful mountain world at an altitude between 1,700 and 1,840 metres.

Samnaun is on the eastern edge of the canton of Grisons and to the south it borders the municipality of Valsot in the Lower Engadine and forms part of the Swiss national border with Austria in the west, north and east.

The municipality of Samnaun consists of the five villages of Compatsch, Laret, Plan, Ravaisch and Samnaun-Dorf, with the highest point being the Muttler (3,294m) and the lowest point in Spissermühle (1,511m).

At the end of 2015, the population of Samnaun municipality comprised 733 permanent residents and 474 short-stay or weekly residents.

The municipality has a total area of 5,618 hectares, 2,317 hectares of which are unproductive, 2,310 hectares are Alpine farmland, 658 hectares are forests, 280 hectares are meadows and arable land and 53 hectares are residential. It has a population density of 14 inhabitants per square kilometre.


The five villages of Samnaun


(Compatsch = wide, cultivated field)

It is the political centre of the valley, where you find the local government, the school with kindergarten and Alpenquell adventure pool, the old people's home and nursing home as well as the late Gothic St. Jakobus church (which is under monument protection).

Above sea level 1,720
Population 180
Holiday apartments 25
Hotel beds 120
Restaurants 0
Shops 0




(Laret = by the larch forest)

A small mountain village that has largely preserved its original character with its narrow lanes and numerous farms. 

Above sea level 1,750
Population 220
Holiday apartments 35
Hotel beds 180
Restaurants 7
Shops 4


(Plan = in the plane)

The smallest village of Samnaun. The Chasa Retica, the oldest building in the municipality, is in the middle of this small village. It houses an interesting little valley museum.

Above sea level 1,728
Population 30
Holiday apartments 5
Hotel beds 0
Restaurants 0
Shops 0


(Ravaisch = by the stream)

Ravaisch has changed a lot since the construction of the cable car valley station in 1978. This village with access to the Silvretta Arena Samnaun-Ischgl has many hotels, holiday homes, sports shops and duty-free shops.

Above sea level 1,799
Population 150
Holiday apartments 44
Hotel beds 500
Restaurants 4
Shops 5

Samnaun Dorf

The tourist and commercial centre of the municipality. The village has the highest shopping street in Europe with some 50 duty-free shops. Many of Samnaun's hotels and holiday apartments are located in Samnaun-Dorf.

Above sea level 1,840
Population 200
Holiday apartments 80
Hotel beds 1,200
Restaurants 10
Shops 48

The history of Samnaun